Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Look at my first NEW SHOES and NO LEG BRACES!!!!

Brooke is Home

Brooke has come home!! Brooke and Patricia have been home for 5 days now and Brooke is doing great she has been out and about. Her feet are showing improvement each and everyday!! Today Brooke is getting fitted for her first pair of shoes in two years. We are so excited!!

Brooke at the Livestock Show

Brooke was dressed up at the Texas Livestock Show.

Brooke Walking With NBC Reporter

Brooke walking with NBC reporters in Texas a week after her surgery. She has been at the Texas livestock show with reporters as they film for the Dateline special.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank you, to my friends @ ALLotts School for all my cards & my gifts they brightened my day, & Briley too I miss you all so much!

Brooke hanging out in the room tonight enjoying all of the gifts everyone has sent her, after a fun day at the Zoo!!!

NBC Filming

NBC Filming Brooke at the hospital Monday for the Dateline Special. We have a movie star on our hands!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update on Brooke

I just wanted to update everyone that has continued praying for Brooke as she is on the road to recovery. She have been resting well at the hotel and has enjoyed the gifts that many of you have sent. Brooke has enjoyed reading all your comments that have been posted on her blog, it seems to brighten her day! With each and every day she is feeling stronger, so thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement!!

Brooke and Patricia

Address to Hotel Where Brooke Is Staying

Hilton Fort Worth
Attention: Brooke Grissom, Suite 1024
815 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102